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COVID-19 and Business as usual – almost

COVID-19 and Business as usual – almost

Business as usual – almost: FUMAC has implemented a wide range of preventative COVID-19 initiatives to show good citizenship and assuring the safety and security of our customers, partners and employees.

On the basis of the authorities’ recommendations, we have continously implemented a number of health measures to avoid the risk of spreading infection. At the same time, we try to maintain a full level of activity – without compromising the health, safety or your furniture supplies for that matter.


  • We provide extra cleaning and hand sanitizer for everybody.
  • Anyone who can work from home, works at home.
  • All meeting and travelling activities are cancelled and will be held by phone or online.
  • Breaks are staggered and with extra distance between employees.
  • All doors and ports are locked.
  • Everybody stays in their place with distance to each other and all physical ‘internal transport’ has ceased.

Logistics remains unchanged – we process all orders as usual. Contact us if you have any special requests in this regard.

In order to prevent the virus spreading, we follow the development closely according to the latest health and safety guidelines.

Please contact CEO Per Susgaard, tel. +45 40 28 70 34 or ps@fumac.dk if you have any questions regarding the above.