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Storage, bookcases and cabinets

Accessories and detail photos – JIVE storage

JIVE accessories comprise amongst others

  • tops for storage units
  • bulletin boards/upholstered back panels for storage units
  • drawers/set of drawers
  • combi drawers
  • tray sets
  • plastic trays
  • doors/set of doors
  • extra shelves
  • protective shelf paddings
  • drawer dividers
  • sorting systems
  • shelves for magazines
  • filling frames with a wooden front
  • extra pen trays
  • various handles
  • locks
  • bases
  • plinths
  • integral plinths
  • castors
  • short legs
  • long legs
  • counter weights…

You’ll be spoiled for choice!


Due to technical restrictions some accessories do not fit all furniture/in all positions. Please ask…

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