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Conference and meeting tables

InLINE MEDIA conference tables

The InLINE MEDIA range of conference tables is designed by FUMAC’s in-house architects and is a new product.

The InLINE MEDIA conference table is ideal for video conferences or presentations generally. The wing-shaped table tops mean that everyone can see the screen or the speaker without bothering the other participants at the meeting.

The elegant rounded column which is available in many finishes goes well with most chairs and other products including our InLINE sit/stand desks.

The frame is a so-called ‘click-in-place’ frame, making assembly really simple.

Sit/stand frames (double- and triple-extension) are available which makes stand-up, efficient meetings possible or provides the option of stretching one’s legs during a meeting. The frame even enjoys soft start/soft stop as well as anti-squeeze function and noise-silent internal motors which make your meeting even more comfortable.

Choose from the different accessories here.

The image gallery below will regularly be updated with photos for inspiration and with photos of our products.

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