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Storage, bookcases and cabinets

JIVE Maxi Tower

FUMAC’s JIVE Maxi Tower is designed by Busk+Hertzog. In addition to offering immediate options for storage and putting items down, your Maxi Tower may also work as a screen – and, similarly, the surroundings are spared the look of your cables and clutter.

If you choose a tall model with more room and offering more privacy, it may also work as both a counter and an informal meeting place for stand-up meetings.

A plant box on top of your Maxi Tower cabinet can create more privacy, atmosphere and reduce the noise level, just as linoleum on the front of the pull-out unit and/or linoleum on the Maxi Tower top can help absorbing some sound.

Note! Some of our JIVE Maxi Towers are EU-Ecolabel certified. Please see below.

Share your JIVE Maxi Tower with your neighbouring colleague by choosing a model which is accessible from both sides.

JIVE Maxi Towers are for those who like practical, space-saving and very elegant furnishings.