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Canteen chairs, meeting room chairs and conference chairs

Ø48 chairs/bar stools

FUMAC commissioned Says Who to design this simple yet multifunctional range of chairs, bearing the name ‘Ø48’. Nothing is left to chance – not even the name. Ø symbolises its Danish origin and refers to the unique Danish language. Ø is also the international designation for diameter, represented in the chair which, when viewed from above, is completely circular with a diameter of 48 cm. Using the clean, geometric circle as its starting point adds to it an architectural purity while the curved shapes in the seat add balanced simplicity and organic softness.

This range of chairs is perfect for meeting rooms, canteens, conference rooms, as a chair for your guest – and as a dining room chair in your home. The range is completed by an elegant bar stool.

The chairs are available in a multitude of colours and models.

If you want a simple look, choose the classic stackable shell chair with its slim, black powder-coated steel legs. Choose the practical and lovely swivel model with its 360° turn swivel legs which add extra seating comfort as you automatically move a little while seated. Choose between natural or black-lacquered wooden legs, if you prefer the warm, modern and Nordic look.

The shell chairs are all delivered with practical rubber spacers to prevent the chairs from being scratched when they are stacked.

If you need to position the chairs in rows, e.g. during talks or courses, chair linking brackets are available.

Ø48 – design and functional value for money at its best!