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Canteen chairs, meeting room chairs and conference chairs

WHISPER chairs/bar stools

Busk+Hertzog have designed FUMAC’s range of WHISPER chairs. The chairs are available with or without arm rests and as shell chairs or with upholstered seats on the user side or upholstered back and seat, also only on the user side. As the final touch, there is also a WHISPER bar stool for the high meeeting table, the bar table, the lounge areas or reception.

Apart from its handsome design and very good seating comfort, the WHISPER range is also characterised by its lovely details.

The practical arm rests with the protective rubber coating work as a grip which means there are no longer any valid excuses for not hanging up the chair on leaving the meeting room or the canteen, and you do not have to worry about buying chair storage.

Hang your bag, cardigan, scarf or jacket on the ‘notch’ in the backrest, if you need quick and easy storage.

Chair linking brackets are available.

The chairs are stackable.