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Auditorium and canteen tables

EasyFold folding table

The EasyFold folding table series – with frame from 1000dots – is, as the name suggests, extremely easy to fold due to a user-friendly hand and foot operated patented folding mechanism.

2 integrated castors at one end provide extra mobility, flexibility and comfort, as one person alone can move the table around without any hassle and without heavy lifting.

The 2 levelling feet at the other end can also be adjusted 2.5 cm in height if the floor should not be completely straight.

When the table is folded, the table only measures 7 cm. And who doesn’t want to save space?

If you buy a practical trolley adapted to all our EasyFold sizes, you can stack up to 10 tables upright. This ensures that the tables take up a minimum amount of space and can easily pass through even narrow doors. A practical safety strap ensures that the tables do not tip over on the move.

The series is ideal as a teaching table, auditorium table, canteen table and as a table in sports clubs and in other contexts where the tables must be able to be moved around easily and quickly, and where practical handling has a high priority.

The EasyFold series is offered as standard, exclusively with practical schock-absorbing abs table top edging – a big plus in the public space where furniture can often be subjected to rough handling.

However, the ergonomic table is not only practical but also a design highlight.

Design: 1000dots and FUMAC.

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