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Vision, mission and values

Vision, mission and values


”We create functional value to our customers

That means

  • that we put ourselves in our customers’ situation. We clarify customer needs, tailor and develop our solutions to give them functional value.
  • that we, as a manufacturing and trading company, will enter into agreements when we perceive a sensible added-value benefitting both parties.
  • that we know our market and what is required of us to be able to produce the solutions required.


”We want to be among the leaders offering sustainable furniture solutions in the European market”

That means

  • that we put the customer at the centre of everything we do and that we are often one step ahead
  • that we reduce climate impacts and ensure more efficient resource utilization
  • that we primarily place our raw material purchases in Europe to reduce the environmental impact of transport
  • that we primarily offer furniture solutions to the European market
  • that our solutions should be perceived as added-value to both our customers and to ourselves
  • that our use of technology is contemporary
  • that our furniture solutions are coherent


”Competences – Mutual respect – Quality”


  • We proactively find the best solutions for our customers’ current needs
  • We provide competent and experience-based advice to all our customers
  • We prepare profitable offers for our customers
  • We possess the required professional qualifications – and keep ourselves updated
  • We are good at creating and growing business partnerships
  • We are informal and easy to get in touch with – but also act professionally
  • We know the markets in which we operate
  • We have a competent staff and management

Mutual respect

  • We have a mutual understanding of each other’s views – both internally and externally in relation to our customers, suppliers and other partners
  • We have a positive, passionate and proper approach to our work
  • We have a committed staff and management who listen to and support each other
  • We have a transparent decision-making process which considers all company stakeholders


  • We take pride in delivering the best quality based on the agreed standards
  • We attune ourselves to our customer’s expectations and needs and manufacture quality solutions accordingly
  • We deliver on time
  • We accept responsibility for our work