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Furniture for your home

Furniture for your home

Private Label

FUMAC manufactures a multitude of Private Label furniture which we have developed in collaboration with our many customers both domestically and internationally. We supply assembled furniture or knock-down furniture based on our customers’ drawings, our own designs or joint efforts.

We design and manufacture Private Label furniture for e.g. furniture retail chains and individual furniture shops, web shops, mail order companies, high end vendors and discount retail chains.

Please note that most of our Private Label furniture/designs are protected  – in general or in relation to selected customers and/or in specific geographical areas. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to show all our furniture solutions.  Even though we would love to…


We offer OEM ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’, too. This means that we manufacture furniture parts for the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom and children’s rooms – and much more. Our customers vary from national manufacturers or retailers to renowned, international businesses.

Our OEM-solutions are like most of our Private Label solutions secret as our customers sell the furniture under their own name or brand.

When you collaborate with FUMAC, you are supplied with high-quality furniture at competitive prices. We offer professional advice and short and secure delivery times.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are always ready to learn about your ideas and wishes.