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Interior Design Program pCon (office furniture)

pCon.planner is a professional and free 3D interior design program. Whether you are an interior designer, retailer, seller or private user, you will be able to use pCon planner as an innovative and powerful application. NOTE that the official pCon.planner program only contains approx. 100 FUMAC variants. Download the FUMAC pCon.planner version here https://download.pcon-planner.dk/fumac_CAS.zip to gain access to the entire FUMAC furniture range. Since the installer is new, you need to

  1. Download zip
  2. Unzip (which is very important)
  3. Run “Start.exe”

Please note that you do NOT overwrite any other settings and other product catalogues that you may have stored by downloading the FUMAC catalogue.

pCon.planner works in .dwg format (cad standard). You have the opportunity to create fantastically rendered images right down to variant level. You can create animations in photorealistic quality. You have the option of loading existing floor plans or even draw individual rooms yourself as well as large interior design solutions. Drawing walls, doors, windows, glass panels is quick using, e.g., the standard library with stairs, radiators, floor and ceiling as well as creating all kinds of lighting situations. The program links directly to the 3D Warehouse, where you can find various accessories.

At present, pCon.planner is not available for Mac OS X operating system. However, it is possible to use pCon.planner by using a virtual Windows system (such as Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion combined with Windows). For support and guidance you can find inspiration by clicking the You Tube link given here


You may download our photos in low or high resolution, respectively, by clicking on the arrow in the bottom left-hand corner of the photos under the headings office furniture and furniture for your home, respectively.


Office furniture:

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Furniture for your home:


Price lists for Office furniture:



Where assembly instructions exist, these are available from the sections covering the respective office furniture.



Download FSC® license no. 138939 certificate here: FUMAC FSC COC Certificate valid to 19.12.2022

Download EU-Ecolabel license no. DK/049/004 here: EU Ecolabel Certificate DK-049-004 valid until 28-07-2022


We are always pleased to help you by providing texts and photos. Please contact Marketing/Tove at tma(at)fumac.dk or on +45 30 26 20 52.