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Quality, environment and CSR

Quality, environment and CSR

FUMAC A/S complies with legal obligations, customer requirements and our own requirements for quality and environment.


FUMAC takes pride in delivering the very best quality. We accept responsibility for our work throughout the value chain from sales to manufacture and products for delivery and after-sales-service. We listen to our customers and advise them on the best solutions tailored to their needs. We manufacture quality furniture in accordance with our customers’ expectations – and we deliver on time.

Learn more about our Quality and Environment Policy

Environment and Sustainability

We comply with all Danish legal requirements and have, moreover, developed a general environmental management system in accordance with recognised international standards. We prepare annual environment accounts from which it appears, amongst other, that our manufacturing processes pollute as little as possible.

All FUMAC suppliers must comply with the same high standards that we do ourselves. We only use sustainable wood from certified forestry and our suppliers of wood and chipboard are FSC certified.

Selected FUMAC products are Ecolabel certified, ie. that the products comply with strict environmental and chemical requirements. With the Ecolabel certification, FUMAC helps promoting a circular economy, just as the Ecolabel contributes to a large number of the UN’s Sustainable world goals, especially #12 which ensures responsible and sustainable consumption and product patterns.

FUMAC is FSC® certified and only uses sustainable wood from controlled forestry, just as our suppliers of wood and chipboard are FSC certified. We are proud to offer FSC certified products, as we thus contribute to at least 14 of the 17 SDGs.

We focus on circular economy and among other things we offer and donate secondhand and discontinued products instead of throwing them away.

We send our waste wood for recycling if possible. Subsequently, we source, for example, chipboard consisting of more than 90% recycled wood.

More than half of our total electricity consumption is based on electricity from renewable sources.

We minimize our recycled, FSC certified cardboard packaging where possible.

We believe in digital presence to minimize print.

We use local suppliers where possible in order to reduce our CO2 footprint and our transport partners have, for example, fleet management installed in all wagons so that deliveries can be optimized and fuel consumption minimized.

And much more… But sustainability is also a matter of quality, durability, product warranty and maintenance that ensure a longer lifetime, and thus the least possible environmental impact.

Learn more about our environmental policy here and the Ecolabel and FSC.

You can download our Ecolabel license and FSC certificate here. You are welcome to request copies of test reports and specifications, please call our sales office on +45 8644 8122.


At FUMAC, we have committed ourselves to our Code of Conduct which we wish to support and strengthen. We require of our suppliers that they comply with our Code of Conduct which describes a respectful approach to staff and basic human rights, prohibits child labour and supports the health and safety of staff.

We have outsourced selected products and processes to Thyværkstedet which is a workshop. The collaboration gives people who will basically never get the opportunity to establish themselves on the ordinary private labour market, a useful and meaningful working life on special terms. It benefits both the individual, FUMAC and our society. Thus, FUMAC goes further for social responsibility than we are required by law and contributes, among other things, to UN’s Sustainable Development Goal  SDG #8 ‘Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all’.

You can learn more about our Code of Conduct here: FUMAC Code of Conduct.

At FUMAC, we accept that we have a social responsibility. We take pride in helping people with different issues to gain access to work. We have staff whose work ability is being tested, staff who work reduced and flexible hours and staff who are in publicly subsidised employment.

FUMAC A/S works intensively to provide our staff with a good working environment. Many of our staff have been employed by us for many years – and we see that as an indication that our company is healthy.

Our good working environment contributes to our staff’s well-being at work, their ability and willingness to both work flexibly and to contribute to preventing work-related injuries, accidents, work-related illnesses and near-accidents.

Health and well-being have a high priority at FUMAC – completely in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #3.