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Lounge furniture

RELAX lounge benches

Relax with our RELAX lounge benches if you e.g. are missing extra seating in the reception, the foyer, the waiting room, a cozy area, a room divider or just a bit of atmosphere.

The benches are available with and without integrated plant boxes. It has been documented that plants clean the air and have a stress-relieving effect. In addition to reducing stress, the plants can help improve the working environment and increase productivity and generally ensure a better well-being.

The model with integrated plant box is available with and without a plant liner in PVC. Remember that the plant boxes do not tolerate water.

We recommend seat cushions because they are functional, but also – like the plants – spread extra coziness and atmosphere. The seat cushions are made of quality foam (fire-retardant cold foam), so you don’t sink too much.

Choose fabric quality and color according to taste and preference – or perhaps even seat cushions in the color of your company’s logo.

Please note that the benches are 42 cm deep and therefore fit perfectly with our JIVE storage program in depth 42 cm. An advantage if you want clean lines in your interior.