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SQUARE sit/stand desk

The SQUARE desk range is characterised by its square columns and slim rectangular feet that complete the elegant and stylish design. The range comprises desks of static height and of height-adjustable frames (double-extension and triple-extension) as well as conference tables.

The range is not only pleasing to look at but also highly functional and offer the following features:

Quick height-adjustment speed lets you easily vary and optimise your work day – feel more energetic, intensify your focus and prevent back injuries, sore muscles and poor posture
Quick and easy click-in-place assembly of underframe
• Quick and silent height-adjustment speed due to two internally-positioned and protected motors
Easy finger-touch control panel
Soft start/stop function ensures that the desk stops/starts without delay
Anti-squeeze protection ensure that nothing is caught as the desk automatically travels upwards (or downwards) when sensing resistance
Low standby wattage
The underframe may be used for cabling

Learn more below. And remember to select accessories to suit your needs.

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